About me

FYI: I blog regularly. Once a year or so.
Besides that I work with Laravel, NestJS frameworks.
Topics I'm interested in are: CQRS, DDD, SOA and software architecture in general, also in cloud technologies on how to run that software.


DigitalOcean is was a choice of mine for cloud hosting.

If you're into crypto I recommend couple of things:

What do you do now?


What you did do in the past?

A workforce renting company. We help local construction workers to find contracting work in Scandinavian countries. Our (I have colleagues) main goal is to build a system which automates as much as possible HR work and ease communication with potential clients and give them insights and perspective on the possibilities.

A german web hosting company for agencies. My job at the time was to take care of various security updates, patch and fix sites. Update various CMS. Mainly magento & typo3 to the latest versions to keep clients secure.