Cleaning Up My Blog #4

I've been running this website for some time and have never done any overhaul. So I've done some winter (spring?) cleaning on my blog. Let's go through what I did and what topics I will focus on ­čĄ×. This is going to be a short one. But bear with me.

Remove tags.

As I've been blogging and trying to improve my website, I've accumulated a lot of tags over time. However, I found that I was blogging irregularly and didn't have a clear direction for my website. I realized that I didn't have a strong product validation or product market fit. Therefore, I decided to remove the unnecessary tags and focus on the most relevant topics for my audience. From now on, I will be focusing on programming, architecture, blockchain, and cloud-related issues.

Add tag descriptions.

I recently added descriptions to my website's tags to improve SEO and make it easier for bots to discover my content. I had neglected SEO for a while, but surprisingly, it was doing quite well. In my opinion, adding descriptions to my tags will help enhance my website's overall performance.

Remove unrelated articles.

Removing unrelated articles from a blog can be an effective way to focus on specific topics and provide more value to the target audience. In my case, I decided to remove articles that were not related to the main topics of this blog. By removing articles not related to developer and cloud content, I can ensure that my blog is focused and provides the best information for my readers interested in those topics. Additionally, this will help with the blog's SEO and make it easier for readers to find the information they want.